Sudhirahluwalia, Inc is a USA Delaware state registered corporation. It focuses on the following sectors – food and nutrition, natural products based nutraceuticals and food products, cosmeceuticals, food formulations, herbs, health and wellness, alternate medicine, and psychotherapeutic techniques. All analyses under this banner are supported by hard scientific facts.


  1. Desk research, documentation, and content creation. Content could range from undertaking product-specific research, product-specific papers, presentations, background materials, industrial and sector reviews, and any other customized material creation in the natural products sector areas.
  2. Customized audios and videos for products, companies, education, research, product launches, and advertisement. We create audiobooks, videos, ebooks for release on the various Amazon platform like KDP, Audible, and Amazon Prime Videos. Our offerings include an end to end services that can begin from content conceptualization, scripting, production, editing, quality review to release on the platform. We use publishing tools like Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, video content software like Camtasia, Grammarly advanced versions for editing, and content publishing.
  3. Education content, content for talks, and presentation material in a client customized format.
  4. Business analysis, ingredient supply chain analysis and optimization, business due diligence, company and organization turnaround advisory, business process review, and any other business consulting advisory support. Business consultancy work that requires field visits and field intelligence will be for the present restricted to those global entities that are targeting India as a market.


The services are supervised personally by the President of the company who is the author of the five books, three video books, and other content. One of the book titles has been an Amazon bestseller too.

These titles are available on amazon. The titles :

  1. Holy Herbs: Modern Connections to Ancient Plants
  2. Asian herbs and their wondrous health-giving properties
  3. Natural Solutions for Cancer: amazing cancer healing properties from nature
  4. Nutrition Facts – A guide to good health

He is the author of hundreds of articles published on multiple international platforms like:

  1. Natural Products Insider
  2. Negosentro
  3. On Jewish Matters
  4. Vigorbuddy etc

Before switching to writing and speaking Sudhir was a business adviser to multiple technologies consulting companies and global business consultancy Head of multiple groups in Tata Consultancy Services. In this role, he supervised business consultancy projects in multiple jurisdictions from India, the US, Canada, UK, West Asia, Asia, and Africa both in the public and private sectors. His clients have been States, national governments, Fortune 500 companies, utilities, and other entities. He helped companies in business transformation, turnaround, and top and bottom-line improvement.

He has helped transform struggling companies turning then back to health. He is an expert in business due diligence of companies pre-merger or acquisition. He has an in-depth understanding of the business, social, and political understanding of India and is an asset for corporations wanting to expand businesses into fast-growing emerging markets.

He began his career with the Indian Forest Service where he spent over two decades as a policymaker, planner, manager, and enforcer of forestry laws in the forest and country jurisdictions. His love and professional expertise for herbs, natural products were grounded in this extended grass-roots experience with nature, people, and industry.

He loves to travel and interact with people from various domains. He regularly speaks on the subject of his passion – herbs, natural solutions, nutrition, health, and biodiversity.