Sudhir Ahluwalia is the promotor of his self funded book publishing startup. He uses modern publishing tools like Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop to format, design his books. He is active on quora answering questions from his readers and fans. The Kindle editions of his book titles regularly touch the number 1 slot on amazon.com. He regularly releases answers to questions from his fans in video format on Youtube channel.

He specializes in herbs, natural products, nutrition and food. He has currently four book titles available on amazon. These are:

  1. Holy Herbs: Modern Connections to Ancient Plants
  2. Asian herbs and their wondrous health giving properties
  3. Natural Solutions for Cancer: amazing cancer healing properties from nature
  4. Nutrition Facts – A guide to good health

He has in addition multiple video books and columns to his credit. His columns have appeared on multiple international platforms like:

  1. Natural Products Insider
  2. Negosentro
  3. On Jewish Matters
  4. Vigorbuddy etc

Before switching to writing and speaking Sudhir was a business adviser to multiple technology consulting companies and global business consultancy head of multiple groups in Tata Consultancy Services. In this role he supervised business consultancy projects in multiple jurisdictions from India, US, Canada, UK, West Asia, Asia and Africa both in the public and private sector. His clients have been state governments, national governments, Fortune 500 companies, utilities and other entities. He helped companies in business transformation, turnaround and top and bottom line improvement. He continues to provide pro bono career and business advice to young people.

He began his career with the Indian Forest Service where he spent over two decades managing forests, and people across a variety of ecosystems. His love and professional expertise for herbs, natural products was grounded in this extended grass root experience with nature, people and industry.

He loves to travel and interact with people from various domains. He regularly speaks on the subject of his passion – herbs, natural solutions, nutrition, health and biodiversity.