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I am the President of the Delaware registered company.

I have professional experience of now 45 years with skills certified from Wharton, DelftX, and Babson.
I offer Big 5 consulting service quality at affordable rates.
The career is made up of three phases:
Phase 1 was 23 years long – Policymaking and policy advisory in government, integrated land, natural resource management, and managing multilateral and bilateral funded public sector projects
Phase 2 15 years of business consulting and advisory in a Fortune 100 IT services company. My clients ranged from national governments, Fortune 100 companies, and startups.
Phase 3 Current phase is now running in its 10th year, in which I operated as a freelance columnist, author, ghostwriter, and business consultant. I have six published books, of which one was a bestseller in the past, hundreds of articles and blogs on third-party sites, and my website.

Specialized certification:

1) Professional Certificate in Strategic Management from Wharton
2) Professional Certificate for Business Model Innovation
3) Professional Certificate in Marketing Strategy from Babson College
4) Climate Change: Financial Risks and Opportunities from Imperial College, London.


Herbal medicine and natural remedies are my hobbies.

I am also the author of multiple books on herbs and natural remedies. All my books are available on Amazon.


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Blogs and other publications:

I write articles and answer questions of my readers in the following segments:

Business and technology

Remedies and medicine

Food and nutrition

Biblical Herbs

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