About Us:


We offer ghostwriting and content creation services. We create content customized to your need.


We also offer business planning, market entry strategy development, brand development consulting studies for our clients. https://bit.ly/3qsc5zd

Our service offerings include:

  1. Publishing
  2. Content creation
  3. Business advisory

Ghostwriting, and content creation:

Some examples of recent and ongoing projects:

  1. Book on veganism
  2. How to build a successful enterprise? This is a question that is answered in this book. Case studies of Airbnb, Walmart, Tesla, Apple, and Alibaba have been analyzed in this book written for a Singapore-based client.
  3. What should be the nature, and form of US government digital strategy? The question has been researched and analyzed in this book ghostwritten for a US client.
  4. Mapping cardiovascular diseases for application development – content for a UK based client
  5. FAQ on diabetes – content created for a UK-based client.

About the Chairman

Sudhir Ahluwalia is the author of six books. https://amzn.to/2Xyv78a

One of his titles has been a bestseller in the past.  The content is original and evidence-based. The focus is on health, wellness, and nutrition.

He is a prolific writer with over a hundred published articles.

Before switching to writing, Sudhir was the global head of multiple business consulting groups at TATA Consulting Services, the world’s largest IT consulting company from the market cap standpoint.

He has been a business advisor to multiple companies.

His clients include both Fortune 500 companies and startups.

He began his professional career as a member of the Indian Forest Service.


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