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Frankincense – An Ancient Resin

The frankincense ancient resin video book is one of the most well-regarded ancient incense. Frankincense has a
fresh pine-lemon scent with resinous and woody overtones that emanates from the milky white latex of the stem and branches. Frankincense comes from the French word francencens, which means “pure incense” or “free lighting.” This name originated from the Frank Crusades of the eleventh century when the Franks were believed to store large quantities of frankincense for use as incense and medicine. In Arabic, it is called luban, which means “white” or “cream,” and olibanum, which means “oil of Lebanon.” In Hebrew, it is called lebonah.

Frankincense resin is produced from multiple Boswellia species with varying aromas. The resin is extracted by steam or carbon dioxide distillation. Boswellia sacra syn B. carterii has terpenic and pine flavor; Boswellia papyrifera is fruity and citrus, with soft orange notes; Boswellia frereana has a pungent scent similar to cumin; Boswellia neglecta has a soft, earthy, and slightly musty aroma; Boswellia rivae is soft, woody, and elegant; and Boswellia serrata has fresh lemon, citrus, and pine notes. B. carterii, B. frereana, B. papyrifera, and B. serrata of the Burseraceae family are the major sources of frankincense.
B. sacra, with its light lemony scent, is the most prized and is the species referred to most in the Bible. This tree grows today in Yemen and Northern Somalia. Boswellia frereana and Boswellia thurifera, found in Northern Somalia, are sources of the Coptic frankincense that the Coptic Church prefers. This, too, has a pleasant lemony scent and is also used in
Arabian chewing gum.

B. papyrifera is found in Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Sudan in Africa. It has an orange scent and is the region is the largest producer of frankincense in the Afro-Arabian region. It is considered good for the stomach but can also cause stomach problems. B. serrata grows in the dry regions of India and yields an orange-scented gum that is of lower quality
than that of B. sacra. This frankincense resin is a popular ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine.


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