Many large, mid and small companies view government as a key customer in India. This is true. However anyone who has worked in government would know that while deal sizes can be huge, profit margins can be low and companies often bleed during project execution.

Government business is rule based and knowledge of inner working of government that includes the decision making processes, internal dynamics, interplay between the bureaucracy, politician and public all play a critical role in securing this business.

Brokers who sell dreams and offer short cuts abound in this market and many companies look towards them for a quick deal. They often don’t understand that the deal that they have finally secured would have been secured even without the broker.

Business acquisition in government requires substantial networks within the system, large deals in particular require intense multi level engagement with decision makers and patience. In the era of RTI, informed competition and active media the government business mine field has to be tread with care.

Niche solution providers with unique product line can look at win win strategic partnerships with other companies to secure and/or execute government business. Deal qualification and business execution models can make all the difference between your making a profit or a loss in government.

Government is a great customer to work with if you know how to crack it.

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