There is huge unultized capability in energy, steel, auto, food processing, mining etc in North America and Europe which is struggling to survive in the global bear market. On the other hand there is substantial unmet demand for such goods and services. Many Corporations find it difficult to crack into the otherwise lucrative India market because of what are perceived to be huge social, political, bureaucratic and regulatory barriers.

The current bear market affords a major potential in risk diversification and business expansion to business. SAC can help reduce the entry pain and break into this difficult but potentially lucrative market. We have integrated social sector models that can be deployed to assist in implementation of mega infrastructure projects. Specialised expertise and generic local capability is a potent combination that can be deployed to effect.
With the general elections coming to a close in India by middle of May, this is a good time to explore and exploit the situation. The bear market will not last forever and once it is over, it will competition as usual. Now is the time to make your move.

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