This is the second of the global collaboration projects which has moved ahead with the help and collaboration of partners across the globe. SAC and Clinical Research Partners USA are collaborating to create a series of IHDP clinics in multiple cities and countries. While CRP USA is bringing the technical knowledge on the table SAC is using its business and management capability alongwith its global network to convert an idea into a business. We are also coordinating to bring in financial capital critical to a business.

IHDP implementation happens in collaboration with hospitals who provide clinical advice to chronic diabetes, cardiac and other life long ailments. We provide the day to day healthcare support critical to enable patients to live a normal life.
Our business plans are ready, we are working to identify hospitals with whom we can build the partnership and move the project forward.
I invite innovative business ideas and owners of such ideas who are seeking to move these from the laboratory to the field to connect with us and let us work together to take these to the people.

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