Asian Herbs- and their wondrous health-giving properties

Herbs from Asia are a sought-after commodity by consumers, health experts, chefs, beauticians and others from across the globe. Their wondrous medicinal and other properties are now part of global popular literature.
But unanswered questions remain. You will find answers to questions like:
Are herbs and herbal products safe for me? What is the scientific evidence in support of their medicinal properties?
You get a researched scientific look at popular spices like pepper, turmeric, cardamom, cloves, fennel, Sichuan pepper and star anise.
You learn little known facts on the myriad medicinal properties of garlic, onion, ginger and many other plants and trees.
You will find answers to frequently asked questions on marijuana and ginseng two of the most discussed medicinal herbs.
Know all about the most popular plants from Asia and pick the herb and herbal product that works best for you.

Asian Herbs: and their wondrous health-giving properties is available on Amazon