A business will thrive and grow with a business strategy that gives it a competitive advantage. Please take a look at your value chain the relationships between its activities. Compare these with those of your competitors.
If you observe that a competitor can easily replicate your enterprise activities, the business will get disrupted irrespective of what business model you have chosen.
Sustainability is dependent on its business model, but if it does not have a business strategy that will give it a sustained edge over competitors, you can keep changing your business model the enterprise will flounder.
I see so many businesses fussing over the business models, placing a lot of emphasis on a consultant building a killer business plan for them. On Upwork, you have so many contracts offered by SAAS, edtech, crypto, not for profits, and other companies seeking freelancers who will build a business plan or a pitch deck that they will pose to an investor. They are in the mistaken belief that a pretty business plan and pitch deck will make an investor open his purse, and their venture will fly.
It is an illusion that these businesses are running after. To build a successful business, look at the concept brought to the market, what your strategy will enable you to create a sustained competitive advantage, and then look at business models and plans.

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