Successful entrepreneurs and successful people are determined, never say die, individuals. Having studied businesses for some time now, I have also noticed that they are customer-centric. Money is not what drives them. It is developing the right product for the identified market segment that they are focused upon. They are also not punters who would take unnecessary risks.
Let us take the example of Elon Musk’s venture, Space X. Musk’s dream is to build a colony on Mars. He dreams of another world where humans will build another home. To many, this may appear to be rash, unrealistic. Look at the way he is going about achieving his goal.
He builds a rocket that is reusable and can take human payloads to planetary vehicles. Reusable rockets will bring costs of space travel down dramatically. He has already achieved this dream. Space X is the supplier for NASA to service the International Space Station. In the course of building this technology, Musk came close to bankruptcy. He continued on his chosen path despite these and other technical challenges.
Some would regard Musk as a risk-taker. But take a look at all his ventures so far, from Space X to Tesla down to Neuralink. They are all driven by passion. Look closer, and you will find an exceptional thinker, a cautious and calculated individual. He knows by instinct what businesses to get into and works towards making them successful.
Bezos of Amazon is another such individual. No, sir, these entrepreneurs are not risk-takers. They are extremely level-headed people.

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