Blockchain technology is changing the world as we know it. It continues to evolve and impact the lives of millions around the world by streamlining services, offering income and rewards, allowing for NFTs and play-to-earn games to be realized, and much more. Spending on blockchain solutions by businesses is forecast to hit $11.7 billion in 2022. Blockchain processing is computing power intensive. Building the computing power for blockchain processing is a constraint—the business need and the challenge lie here.

The Xxxxx technology and business model focuses on the use of decentralized computing. It leverages idle processing power lying unutilized in the billions of individual mobile devices. Under the Xxxxx technology and business model, any individual can deploy the idle processing power of a mobile device in blockchain processing. Under the Xxxxx business model, mobile device owners can earn as they sleep. Xxxxx users will leverage edge computing for interacting.

In the first phase of the Xxxxx rollout, the technology and business model will be tested in the world’s most vibrant and receptive market – the US. Xxxxx intends to scale up rapidly to other jurisdictions offering mobile device owners the opportunity to earn by deploying individual mobile devices when idle on the Xxxxx platform.



According to Bernard Marr’s article titled Five Big Blockchain trends in 2022 in Forbes, blockchain is one of the most exciting tech trends. The technology can improve security and integrity in any system that involves multiple parties sharing access to a database. Spending on blockchain solutions by businesses is forecast to hit $11.7 billion.

The technology is hugely compatible with the Internet of Things. It is great for creating records of interactions and transactions between machines. It could be used for machine-to-machine transactions. It will enable micropayments made via cryptocurrencies. The ongoing rollout of 5G networks means greater connectivity between all smart devices and the emergence of new types of data transactions, including blockchain transactions.

In a world where counterfeiters are known to create and sell fake vaccines, blockchain can be used to authenticate vaccine shipments and trace their point of origin. A pilot project of IBM uses blockchain to unify vaccination rates and efficacy recording across various tools and platforms. It can identify a batch’s unusually high side effects within three days to just a few seconds.

Use cases on the blockchain are emerging worldwide, and the trend will strengthen in the future. There is unanimity amongst tech industry watchers on blockchain technology’s immense utility and business potential.

The Xxxxx technology and business model focuses on the use of decentralized computing. Its business model is closely linked to the growth of blockchain use cases. It helps solve an urgent business need around the need for massive amounts of computing power required in blockchain processing.

The faster the growth of blockchain technology-based use cases, the greater the business value of Xxxxx.

Xxxxx enables low latency and microprocessors to operate as node validators. Its node architecture through edge computing enables the processing power contained in any mobile device to participate in the CPU/GPU tradeoff.

Under the Xxxxx technology and business model, any individual can deploy this idle processing power in blockchain processing. We know that a huge amount of idle processing power is unutilized in individual mobile devices.

Blockchain processing is computing power intensive. The currency to participate in blockchain processing sharing is Xxxxx NFTs -PROM. An individual buys the PROM and begins gainfully using the available idle processing power of an idle mobile device in blockchain processing.

You can compare Xxxxx to developing a project and minting a token. You then set up a contract that uses escrow funding or create a freelance job. Once you join our platform, you become part of a business advancement model.


The vision of Xxxxx is to grow the Xxxxx network through affiliate marketing and outreach with partners. It will enable a system of tokenomic rewards that benefit the masses and a suite of business services on top of the Xxxxx blockchain.

Xxxxx has positioned itself as an advanced form enabling software to achieve this vision. It uses an architecture that is unique and valuable because of its node staking rewards and edge computing models. Many millions of people use smartphones and cell phones. The processing power of these devices is harnessed through the power of Xxxxx’s edge computing architecture. Users and businesses can now take advantage of opportunities for:

  • Data storage
  • File transfer
  • Messaging
  • Document services
  • Escrow services
  • Contract management
  • Workflow automation using smart contracts
  • Minting NFTS
  • Fundraising initiatives
  • Marketing and outreach
  • Much more

Xxxxx is a platform powered by the people, for the people. It is designed to help users grow their earnings through innovative staking models, business service applications, and specialized blockchain protocols that engage in edge computing.

Xxxxx started as a vision to allow users to mine cryptocurrency with edge computing models. The platform has grown to include a full-scale blockchain architecture to provide a full suite of business services and special rewards.


Promehio’s mission is to grow and scale to be one of the most rewarding blockchain platforms today by offering real rewards and business services to its users. We are achieving that goal using an advanced architecture designed with the end-user. Our blockchain platform rewards and incentives ensure the masses are targeted appropriately and their expectations are met.


Users interact with the platform around the core concept of edge computing. The blockchain is powered by a variety of decentralized nodes which power the network.

While most of these nodes are powered by large computers, we enable a process where mobile devices, smartphones, and smaller CPU/GPU processors can also feed the blockchain. Another one of the core concepts is to create a mobile-centric blockchain that can be powered by smartphones using an app (Android & iOS). These node validators can earn PROM tokens to the amount of computing power donated.

Similar applications will develop as blockchain technology’s decentralization model takes a stronger foothold in how computing power can be assigned or designated. It will allow the everyday person, regardless of location, to harness the benefits of Xxxxx.



Xxxxx is one of the world’s most diverse, compelling, and unique blockchains. We have identified a series of primary use cases to paint a clearer picture of what we are trying to accomplish with our long-term architectural goals. The reality is that the world continues to evolve into a series of networked blockchain interfaces that integrate into our daily life as part of the internet of things movement. Our solution to this model is to join these devices in a way to power the Xxxxx blockchain through a rewards and earnings model:

  • Earned each hour, you are active on the network
  • Accrues and registered in the blockchain register

Once you have your PROM coin in your wallet, you can do various things with it. That includes transferring it to others on the network with a registered wallet as payment transfers or gifts. Your PROM holdings also allow you to purchase enhanced value-added services as part of being a member of the platform:

  • Create a Token
  • Stake a Token
  • Escrow and deal-making services
  • Chat with other members
  • FTP services
  • Survey and Research Analytics Services
  • Business Development Services

The applications and services on the platform evolve with the needs of our users.

It acts as a business facilitator and incubator while feeding energy back into the network to power it.


A competitive analysis of the blockchain landscape was conducted as part of a requirements review to engage in project scoping mechanisms necessary to advance the development of a whitepaper and pitch deck. The following materials were used as a guide for the development and research into the field of blockchain technology.

What most people fail to realize is the distinction between a blockchain, and cryptocurrency, which are two very separate things. In our development efforts, we focus specifically on architecture and design-related processes for establishing the development of a native blockchain. Cosmos SDK and related applications create a blockchain architecture that engages various business service offerings.


Operating nodes power the network and are composed of devices that operate under a decentralized framework to ensure network longevity, strength, and efficiency. Cloud services reward members for their “stake” using less latency and more efficient power technologies. Unlike bitcoin, which requires hashing power, this model uses computer power to serve the network under a proof of stake model.


Edge Computing interfaces to mobile phones for data sharing, analysis, and power. (NODES)


Xxxxx is a mobile blockchain network that leverages the power of numbers. Each user is a node that can perform a series of actions depending on what is needed and operate autonomously. Xxxxx will provide services that compete with many popular services, such as Whatsapp/signal/telegram, DocuSign, NFTs, and encrypted/distributed file storage. Users can contribute CPU/GPU resources to the network during idle times (when they are sleeping or not using other networked services).

– Users earn Xxxxx for every hour they operate on the network, regardless of if they are providing an action

– Users have a ‘trust score’ which increases over time based on how reliable they are, how often they are on the network, and how long they have been part of it. The trust score increases the amount of Xxxxx they earn each hour (operates like a multiplier).

The architecture uses edge computing modeling so that resources tap into idle CPU/GPU resources nearby, then search further in the cloud if needed. The architecture depends on various languages and solutions based on the Cosmos Network SDK and in-house engineering for the business services side.


The Cosmos Network, more formally known as the “Internet of Blockchains,” is a building block for developers to create their blockchains and cryptocurrencies. It uses an “inter-blockchain protocol” for NFT minting, multichain sends, and other useful options provided by external chains.

Staking, token minting, escrow services, file sending, and open-source SDK models give developers a competitive edge when approaching the functionality and requirements needed for Xxxxx. After discussion with developers, it was deemed that a Substrate approach to development using inter-connected protocol would satisfy the objectives required by Xxxxx.

The native currency of Cosmos is called Atom and uses node-based reward systems so that decentralization can occur across the network.


While our users earn tokens, we have an array of spending options using the PROM tokens as part of the incentivization strategy. This strategy feeds directly into the principles associated with a token economy, as users will earn and spend tokens based on a variety of business services:

  • Monster Job Search
  • Web tracking and analysis using shared statistics
  • Business agreement with escrow system
  • Mint NFTs
  • Business Surveys
  • Encrypted Data Storage
  • Document Signature Services
  • FTP
  • Chat
  • Audio Recordings



Activities Sept 2022 Oct 2022 Nov 2022 Dec 2022
Upgrade Front End of Web Interface        
Write Whitepaper        
Writer Pitch Deck        
Begin Marketing        
Model and Design the Platform Engineering Document        
Update Whitepaper with programming schematics        
Begin engineering the blockchain and adding PROM node staking        
Grow Node Staking Users        
Continue Marketing Xxxxx        
Create Token Minting on Xxxxx Chain        
Develop Marketing components for Xxxxx Businesses, including publishing services, Whitepaper, Marketing Services, and ICO listing        
Create Contract and Escrow Model        
Implement Survey System        
Implement Data Storage Facility with PROM Token        
Establish FTP Mechanisms        
Update Document Automation Workflow to include Voice Recording Features        
Begin Testing Freelance Platform Architecture where users can submit Proposals        



Xxxxx will test its business strategy and business model in the US. The US is the best and fastest market in blockchain technology research and evolution. It is also least constrained by regulation.

The operation model test results will yield valuable data on operating elements, use cases, and customer preferences. Analysis of test data will help strengthen the operating model.

Xxxxx will have a conservative approach toward investment. It will use low-cost-organic marketing approaches in digital marketing to build brand presence. Potential customer outreach and awareness building will be preceded by customer segmentation, creating different customer personas.

Marketing channels for branding, customer outreach, customer acquisition, and sales will be identified. All digital marketing tools from SEO, blogs, articles, white papers, and short and long-form content will be created and distributed on social media platforms. Email marketing is a low-cost tool with a very high return on investment. The mechanism will be used for building customer awareness and marketing funnel.

As the strategy, business models, and best-performing marketing channels crystallize, Xxxxx will transition to influencer marketing, display, and other paid ads and paid social media. These efforts will help further build the marketing funnel. Given the exponential growth of blockchain technology usage, we do not envisage challenges to building customer awareness and acquisition.

Marketing and outreach may include referral systems, dedicated marketing programs, leaders, and executives. A rewards system will help people realize the benefit of joining Xxxxx and spreading the word to friends and family.

Employees and customers will benefit by engaging with the system’s services. They will get an opportunity to participate in new ventures. They will collaborate, participate in marketing plans, and become part of the growth model set forth by Xxxxx.


This Whitepaper has been written for information purposes only. It does not express the opinions, thoughts, interpretations, or ideas of Xxxxx founders, consultants, affiliates, partners, users, investors, or other tradespeople who may read this paper. It should be treated as an information item and not used as a means for constituting investment advice or any other advice but relied upon solely as information for information. Do your research regarding technologies about blockchain technologies and any other ideas or concepts mentioned above that may not be in your particular industrial scope or field of knowledge. Please research technologies about tokens or fungible tokens and consult experts to clarify your understanding of blockchain technology’s functions and how it operates. Xxxxx does not purport its Whitepaper to be the leading document in this field of study. It has created a wealth of information and technology that enhances the information available for researchers, developers, investors, platform users, and its overall readers.


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