The purpose of a business plan varies with the need of the company. When I used to work as a global business consulting head in TCS, the business plan for my group included strategy and marketing.
Many startups on platforms like UPWORK equate a business plan with a business pitch made to secure investments from investors. Then we have companies request experts to create a digital marketing plan when they need to ensure business growth for their enterprise. These entrepreneurs somehow believe that Google Ads, SEO, social media, blogs, and adverts will drive growth for their companies.
The type of document you create depends on your enterprise’s needs. For a purist, the terminology is important, but for the entrepreneur, the focus is on meeting their objective. As a consultant, I try to focus on my customers’ business requirements. The customer’s need dictates the advisory document contents.
It is, therefore, important to spend a bit of time understanding the needs of an entrepreneur before deciding the contents of your analysis. The diversity of terms often used interchangeably is causing this confusion in the minds of management purists.
Therefore, I recommend that entrepreneurs focus on clearly explaining their requirements and let the experts describe what and how they will meet these needs. You should then determine if the consultant has the skills to service your needs.

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Strategy planning

Business model innovation

Marketing Plan

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