The funding pitch success will depend on how good a business case you can create. Funding agencies, private or public, would want to look at the founders’ credentials. Your track record and connections with the communities you seek to serve will help make a case.

Water is a segment of interest for most development agencies, charities, and individual funding agencies. Crowdfunding is another option to explore.

The key components of the funding pitch should be:

  1. Project plan: You will need to prepare a project plan. It should reflect your insights into the sector. Most non-profit founders intimately understand the lay of their target market and reflect that in the program.
  2. Competing landscape: Who else is operating in the segment on the ground in the target areas? It would help if you had studied the operations closely, and the competitive landscape should reflect these facts.
  3. Beneficiary profiling is another critically important component. Please present the persona of the communities that you wish to target. Make it as detailed as possible.
  4. The implementation plan should include activities, timelines, outputs, and outcomes. It should consist of implementation risks and mitigating actions.
  5. The organization plan should contain details on project execution and engaging communities in the planning and execution process. Most non-profit organizations thrive on community involvement and support. Volunteering and giving back to society are popular themes of such programs. Try and think about this and include that in the organization plan.
  6. Budgets should contain costs, outputs, and outcomes.

If you can persuade business experts and business planners to be part of your project, they can assist in creating the fundraising plan document outlined above. Not-for-profits, like other businesses, are driven by the energy and innovation of the founders. You will need to spearhead the conversations with prospective donors.

Last but the least, focus on outcomes in the plan. Investors like to know where the money is going and how it will benefit the communities. Your funding pitch will likely succeed if you do all the simple things outlined above.

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