Gaming business growth campaigns should begin by looking closely at the customer. Study your customer and seek answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the demographics of my customers- age, region, profession, and gender? You can find most of this information on Google Analytics.
  2. Where is my customer located, and when are my customers most active?
  3. Which are the preferred gaming products?

The information should be used to able to profile your customers.

Step 2 studies your close and more successful gaming business competitors and their customers. A comparative analysis between your customers and that of your customers will help you identify where you are lacking and what your strengths are.

Step 3 will be creating a marketing campaign targeting your customer profiles. Your campaign should have a mix of organic and paid marketing. I normally recommend that 80% of your marketing effort be organic (unpaid marketing). You achieve sustained long-term growth with organic marketing. It helps you build your brand and helps in brand recall.

Paid marketing campaigns are also used to build brand awareness for the gaming company. Generally, if you are not in a hurry, I recommend using organic marketing for awareness building for their products. Marketing dollars should be focused on achieving quick and enhanced conversions during high-growth periods.

The choice of marketing channels – social media, email marketing, Google, Bing ads, influencer marketing, and even traditional marketing is linked to customer profiles and preferences.

If marketing campaigns for your gaming business are not leading to the expected sales gain, you will need to look at your business strategy and business model. Strategy analysis will require you to map the activities of all components of your company and the inter-relationship. Comparative mapping of your close and most successful competitor. Compare this map with your company map. It will help you identify areas where competitive efficiency loss is taking place. You will have to fix the weaknesses.

Strategy planning is effective when seen along with the business processes and organization model. It is the combination of the three with the business model that will help you in the process of putting your company on the growth path.

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