The purpose of a strategy should be to improve business performance. When we use digital tools to enhance the performance of a business, we can describe that as a digital transformation strategy. You transform your business with the help of digital technologies.
We measure impact with the help of indicators. Indicators can be quantitative or qualitative. Therefore, before implementing a digital transformation strategy, enunciate indicators like cost, profit, revenues, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction.
Measure the performance against these indicators. You will come to know if the impact of the transformation plan has yielded the desired results.
I have seen many IT service providers claim to have the capabilities of planning and implementing a digital transformation plan. Most of them are pure-play software engineers with little or no understanding of strategy. They come in to implement a software solution in your organization. They are good at what they do, but the company hiring the services of IT services companies should bring in a business strategy expert who should work independently and alongside the software team to develop indicators and get the desired outcomes.
Digital transformation is not merely implementing an application. There is much more to it.

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