Unlike astrology, predicting the future of the company can be done with a reasonable degree of accuracy. Let me give a broad overview of such an exercise.
Using business strategy tools, find out where the company is positioned vis a vis its competitors. The analysis will tell you if your company has scope for further improvement of operational efficiency.
The analysis should also tell you if your activities are easily replicable by competitors. If that is so, then the likelihood of your losing customers to competitors is very high. Over time, your company will lose out.
Look at the future positioning of the company to your competitors. There are tools available that can help you undertake this exercise. You will also be able to see if your company is likely to be disrupted by new technology or in any other manner by a competitor.
Analyses mentioned above should review the activities and the organization structure, leadership, business processes, balance sheets, sales and revenues, profits, and regulatory risks.
If the analysis identifies that your company is likely to get disrupted in the future, take immediate steps to reverse the damage-causing trends.
Use a certified expert to undertake this analysis and work closely with these individuals so that you can provide critical company-specific inputs to the experts.

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