Hi Mark, Let me share some tips for promoting your restaurant’s business.
Customer centricity is critical to making any business successful. Keeping this principle in mind, begin by segmenting your customer.
As you think about your customers, you will note that they may not all be the same. They will be coming from different demographic profiles. Their preferences, demeanor, and attitudes are other. Their needs and wants will vary.
Once the customer segmentation is complete, you will move on to solutions or treatments that you need to set in place to address your customer requirements. These could be internal to your restaurant, like looking at your front staff, your chef, your payment process, etc.
The next step is market positioning. How do you want to position your restaurant in the market? It is as a takeaway, fine dining, and fast food. Your restaurant has to be aligned to the market positioning.
Once you have gone through the abovementioned steps, you will move on to branding and promotion. The choice of tools will depend on what you have learned from the steps enunciated above.
Let me stop here. But remember, whatever you do, keep the customer at the center. If you do that, you will see growth in your restaurant business.
All the best!

Business strategy expert

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