If you want to re-imagine your food business gives me a feeling that it is not making the requisite headway. Let me give you some generic insights on turning things around.
Begin by taking a close look at your business strategy. The objective of the relook is to analyze your business to secure a competitive advantage over your competitors.
Business strategy planning is a specialist task. It is best undertaken by a trained and certified business strategy expert.
Still, I will provide an overview. The key elements of a business strategy review are:
Undertake a review of your internal systems, external systems including competition, the interplay between the two. You will be surprised by the insights that this analysis will reveal.
Armed with this information, begin the strategic planning and re-imaging exercise. It is done by independently generating three to five ideas. Each idea is put through rigorous testing. The testing will finally throw up the best idea that you will then test and then implement.
There are no shortcuts in business strategy planning, no bright ideas that anyone can prescribe. It is an evolutionary process that you will need to undertake with deliberation.

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