The US health and wellness industry is over $52billion. It is growing at a CAGR of 5.8 percent. These simple statistics show an industry full of promise and opportunity. The demand is there. Customers seek these services, and providers offer these and profit from them.
The question then is how to leverage the opportunity. If you look at challenges, it will be difficult for you to make headway.
Study the customer demand for these services in your local area.
Just like Sam Walton of Walmart did when he was in the process of building a retail business, go and visit the establishments offering health and wellness services. Please speak to the staff, study the customers’ behavior, understand the nature of provided services. Make friends with the team, watch, explore and learn.
You will understand what services are in the highest demand, the most profitable, and what skills are required to provide good quality services.
Identifying the right location to open your first store is another important part of a startup. Let me continue with the example of Sam Walton. He opened his stores in small towns and rural America. Competition for the service was low, and so was purchasing power. It is here he came with the concept of everyday low price.
Learn from one of the greatest entrepreneurs in America, and you will achieve your dream of setting up your first outlet. Just like Walton, you will find your first staff during these visits. Take them on, and give them an attractive deal that works for you and the employee.
I have deliberately kept the management jargon out of this response and tried to keep it simple.
Good luck.

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