Take a look at Apple. At the core of its business strategy lies product design.
Steve Jobs’s emphasis on design is well documented. His attention to detail is legendary. Other aspects like marketing, supply chain, manufacturing, and human resources were also relevant to that strategy. Apple continues to be a product design-led organization even today.
On the other hand, Elon Musk’s companies, SpaceX or Tesla, are agile, and this thinking permeates these organizations.
Microsoft, Metaverse, and Google are marketing-led organizations.
It is all about the vision and thinking of the Founders. Business strategies and business models flow from the core thinking of the organizations. But the idea alone is not enough for success. It has to be backed by a great business strategy and model. People bring life to the organization, with the business process providing the skeleton and circuit on which the company runs.
All this is generic stuff. Each company is different. It is built around a unique idea, well-crafted business strategy, a great business model that provides value to itself and its customers.

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