Supplying vegetarian food to various segments is an idea. It is a starting point. Begin by testing the feasibility of the concept. How do you do that is the next question?
Undertake a Bangalore vegetarian food industry analysis. How large is the industry? Collect as many facts on the industry as possible. Talk to customers, small and large suppliers. Understand the challenges, strengths, the processes that they follow, the production, supply, and delivery models.
This industry analysis will give you an idea of what sells, how it sells, its challenges, and what succeeds and fail.
The next is a follow on step is to do competition analysis. Map your competitors in the space. Undertake a SWOT analysis for each competitor. Check on the regulatory challenges and how the competitors are overcoming these.
Look at the business models. See which model will work best for you.
With all this information with you, now begin a field test. You will find out your idea’s what, where, and how. You will have a strategy in place.
The implementation then will become easier and less frustrating.
All the best.


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