Implementing digital transformation

The purpose of business transformation is to increase the competitive advantage of your enterprise’s products or services. The decision to go for digital transformation in a business is to improve operational efficiency. Digital transformation is a subset or a component of business transformation.
The apparel industry value chain will include design, production, distribution, sales, and marketing. Then we have the supporting components like accounting and human resource management. Therefore, the first step in the digital transformation process for your industry will be to map its value chain.
It is best to map your company on a positioning map to see where you are positioned vis your competitors.
The third step should be to create an activity map of your value chain and compare it with your closest competitors’ value chain’s activity map.
These three tasks and maps will give you a clear view of activities that need to be automated to provide you with a competitive advantage. Once this determination is made, you can go to an IT vendor asking him to present options for automating these activities.
Most IT service providers present themselves as experts in digital transformation. It includes the top of line companies. Most of these companies are just experts in the deployment of automation tools.
Please understand the imperative of business transformation before spending top dollar on implementing a set of digital tools packed with digital transformation.
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