An investment pitch deck for a startup looking to present his project idea to the investor roughly works out to be 9 PowerPoint slides long. Investors are in the business of making money. An investor has to determine if the risk to his investment is within his comfort zone.
You normally send an elevator pitch to multiple investors, hoping to catch his interest. Once you get a response and a meeting is set up, you know that you have got his attention. Here comes the role of the pitch deck.
The trick lies in keeping the investor interested in your business idea. I recommend that the investment pitch deck presentation begin with a short description of the business idea. The first minute or two are critical. Half the battle is won in the first few minutes. (One slide)
Remember, investors are not industry experts. For example, if your project is a SAAS venture, you must explain the SAAS concept in simple language. (One slide is enough)
The next question that the investment pitch deck or document should answer is how competitive your venture is in the SAAS market. I normally put the competitor information in a table. Don’t provide reams of information on the competitors. Please keep it simple and straight. Remember, you have to keep the investor hooked on your business idea. (Max two slides for this segment)
Business risk: It is another key segment of the investment pitch deck. Writing a pitch is not a task for content writers. It requires analysis and the ability to use analytical tools to enunciate the business risk. Get an expert to do the pitch, not some individual who can create pretty graphics (2 slides are normally enough)
If you have succeeded in keeping the investor interested in your project and he has not begun checking his mobile, it is time to present a high-level work plan (One slide is all that you need to create)
The next slide is high-level numbers. No detailed worksheet or financial analysis is required. That is needed only in cases when you are into second-round funding.
One more slide and this is the last slide, is a two-minute sketch of the founders.
My description above is a nine-slider investment pitch deck. The analysis and thinking is the most critical part of a pitch deck. Think through each word. Get the best expert to do a deck, and don’t rush him to give it to you in a week.
I wish you the best of luck!


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