The secret to Apple’s success is its focus on design and customer-centricity. The design concepts of Apple products focus on ease of use and elegance. These are products that are simple on the outside and complex inside. In the design process, that is done if the need is for vertical integration.
The organizational structure of Apple gives prominence place to the design team. The design head has direct access to the Board and the Apple leadership. The rest of the Apple organization is traditional.
Apple operates on a scale. Apple products have other unique features of economies of scale, strict product monitoring, and insistence on perfection.
Look at the Apple-owned stores. These are located at prime locations. They are designed to provide the customer with a 360-degree service.
You can see these same features of perfection, elegance, simplicity, and easy to use in all its brand positioning, advertisement, communication, and marketing activities.
Above all, customer-centricity is the key feature of the Apple strategy.
These features have made Apple the company and brand it is.


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