M&A business expansion is a popular mode to achieve rapid business growth. There are multiple modes that companies use to make an acquisition. Let me list some of the popular ones for you.

  1. A corporate development internal team initiates a search for the right candidate: The acquiring company’s leadership outlines the skills, business area, and geography of an acquisition target to the internal team. The team then starts looking for the right fit.
  2. An acquisition forms part of a business expansion strategy. As a business advisor to a corporation, I used this mode to achieve rapid exponential business growth. If this is a preferred mode for you, then identifying a suitable acquisition target is done as part of the sales effort.
  3. Brokers and broking firms maintain a list of targets that companies can pick and choose from. Nowadays, you have online platforms where a list of targets is readily available. You can subscribe to these M&A platforms and look around for the right fit. Many of these platforms are sector-specific.

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