Organic digital marketing takes time to show results. The results, though, last longer and are more sustainable. Paid marketing yields immediate results. It helps take the ads rapidly in front of potential customers. We get the best results, and customer profiling is accurate when marketing goals are enunciated. The ads should then be directed to the targeted customer segment.
You will start seeing conversions rise with the help of well-directed paid ads. But the best results will come when the ads have been subjected to A/B testing. A/B test results require a month to give you enough data for the digital marketer to get a clear verdict to arrive at the optimum ad that will provide you with the highest conversion rate.

The digital marketer must begin a paid ad campaign only after a detailed google analytics data review. All tools available on Explorations and data studio should be used in the analysis. As this is a pre-campaign exercise, data will have to be of organic marketing origin. The most productive results, therefore, will accrue when marketing begins using organic tools. Enough data should accumulate to undertake a thorough Google analytics-based analysis that will give you insights into the target market, optimal time, days, and marketing demographics.

Businesses looking for results from a marketing campaign will have to be patient if they are to get the full benefits from their marketing investments. Hire the right digital marketing expert for your campaigns, and prepare and plan for a long-term plan. You will be able to get the best from the marketer only when you educate yourself on the various aspects of marketing as a business leader. You should learn enough to pose the right questions to the digital marketer. And don’t use past performance data that a marketer will provide you to get your marketing deal.

What I have described above is the traditional digital marketer viewpoint. As I go deeper into the journey of looking at innovative solutions that will drive business growth in a company, I realize that the conventional view outlined earlier in this note does not probably present the full picture. Organic digital marketing is tough to plan and tougher to execute. It requires a huge amount of effort.

My website has over a thousand articles and blogs. Each article is unique, written after considerable research supported by decades of consulting experience. In organic digital marketing, each article and piece of content has to be painstakingly gone through. Content has to be restructured to help search engines rank content. Content writing is key to successful organic marketing. The bigger the site, the more effort is required to restructure existing content.  Organic digital marketing has to be supported with Technical SEO audit and defect removal. The wonderful thing about organic digital marketing is that it is a one-time effort. For my website, for instance, it took me six months of sustained effort, re-writing, and preparing content for search engines. The journey is tough but fulfilling.

Marketing is both an art and a science. Marketing sits on the foundation of strategy. It is not a purely technical job. Good luck!

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