As the world gets out of the global recession, recovery patterns are clearly emerging. India and China are clearly on the forefront of recovery while the US is slowly coming out of the depths of financial despair. Europe continues to be a laggard with real recovery some distance away in parts of that continent. The economic battles between the US and China will become more and more frequent with the rhetoric going up and down. While the US will jostleg for continued pre-eminence in world affairs China will position itself and its companies in the world market aiming to get a larger share political and economic.
While there will be an increased business to business collaboration between India, the US and Europe mainly on account of better perceived governance structures in India, I think the future will lie in collaboration between China and India.
China and Indian companies will interact more and more vigorously with the former being nudged by the government. There will be turf wars and collaboration happening between the two emerging markets and we are likely to see more of this in the media.
As business people we will need to watch for opportunities that will emerge across the globe. The future for India and China business looks bright.

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