Just like living organisms, corporations also historically are known to have a life cycle of their own. An exceptional entrepreneur conceptualizes and builds a corporation, a great team takes it forward and the change in market paradigm, poor leader or act of God leads to its demise. There are very corporations which are more than 200 years old.

Some of the start ups of today will be the corporations of the future. They have the flexibility, the drive, the decision making capability to grow, expand and become strong. Just like the most profitable business gets created when a product or a service or offering is at the early stages of its marketing cycle, so I believe in collaborating with start ups.
There are two such start ups with whom I have been building a relationship for some time now. Both of these are based out of the US and experience so far has been good.
I am keen to collaborate with more start ups and create a multinational corporation during the half of a life time that still remains.

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