Most community development models have been developed by government agencies, charity groups, not for profit entities, corporate social responsibility providing corporates but rarely by communities themselves. Project development and financing institutions view communities and the poor as a group who require to be uplifted from penury. The relationship between the two is that between a giver and recipient.

On the other hand business organizations build businesses and prepare business models with a view to generate ever increasing wealth. The original equity or debt gets quickly paid back by the company and the company becomes self sustainable.
The question then comes to mind is that why can we not undertake community development on business lines. After all many communities have assets in the form of land or could own rights over forests or have certain skills in arts and crafts etc.
Development professionals need to re-look at their project development models and perhaps unlearn some of their methods and look at communities as productive assets who can generate wealth just like any private business.
We are in the process of development projects on these lines.

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