During my quest for looking for collaborating institutions who would help identify entrepreneur minded poor communities be they in the rural or the urban area, I am facing a whole range of challenges. Reaching out to the right community set is perhaps the biggest of all. There are too many do gooders in between the entrepreneur like me and the community. Each intermediary seeks to have a bit of the pie for themselves.

Political leadership is not adequately internet savvy to take advantage of opportunities that are presented on social networking sites like linked in. Inspite of the global diffidence on the political leadership of a country, this the group that the world has to live and work with. Its evolution into the world of internet is happening and I hope that in the future we can reach and connect with them to work with their constituents. Not only this will give us return in financial terms on the money that is deployed but there is an added attraction that somehow somewhere we have made a bit of a difference to the lives of the poor.

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