In the course of building a collaboration based business I have been interacting with companies both in the US, Europe and other parts of the world. I observe some trends which fascinate and intrique me at the same time. The fastest response to a business offer comes from India and the US. European, East Asian companies rarely respond and when they do relationship building is difficult. On the other hand, I find it easier to work and collaborate with US companies who after the initial concerns on protection of IPR, commercial concerns, contract legalities etc are resolved, things move relatively quickly and smoothly. Ever since, I have been to initiate potentially long term and enduring relationships with US companies in the entertainment and healthcare segments. I hope to build similar ones in other segments like education and food processing too.

The questions that come to my mind- how to crack into the European, Australian and East Asian market and reach out to companies there. I am looking for answers but I know that ultimately I will discover and a truly global collaboration based business will come into existence.

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