A good pitch deck brings out:

  1. The business idea
  2. How will it compete, grow and evolve in the face of competition?
  3. What is the business model?
  4. Why would customers get attracted to the business idea?
  5. What is the operational model of the venture, and has it been tested?

Investors want to be convinced that investing money into you and your venture will give them long-term dividends.

Take a look at the successful ventures around you; you will observe certain common features. Some of these are:

  • The energy of the entrepreneur
  • Sincerity and integrity
  • Clarity of thought
  • Ability and willingness to sustain the business

A pitch is great when the investor is convinced that you are the right individual, with the right idea, the desire, and the skill to convert the idea into a successful business.

I use business tools and frameworks to draw out these features in the pitch deck. However, the success of a pitch deck depends on you and you alone.

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