Metaverse is the next step in the evolution of the internet. It will be a virtual world that will make it possible for new use blockchain technology-based use cases like NFTs, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, immersive gaming, and others all will be able to thrive, expand and communicate.
Blockchain technology probably arose from the need to democratize internet access, make it more cybersecure, and enable users to operate on the metaverse-based internet.
Industrial applications have already been conceptualized, keeping the Metaverse in view. Facebook has already renamed itself and is now calling itself Meta. Microsoft will have its next generation of enterprise solutions based on Metaverse.
There is still a lot of fuzziness around the concept of Metaverse. Depending on the use case – gaming, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, virtual interaction, and communication, we perceive this emerging way of virtual communication.
The technology will evolve, change and grow. One thing is clear, five years from now, the way we use the internet will have changed. The impact of the Metaverse will have a major effect on devices. Will the Metaverse be a brave new world of the internet? Technology enthusiasts are gushing all over the Metaverse. I believe the Metaverse will be one more step in the evolution of how we communicate virtually.

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