Covid 19 has disrupted supply chains. Companies that deal in physical goods have suffered the impact of supply disruption most.
The impact will continue till supply chains get fully restored.
Companies with connected business strategies that relied on digital means to generate and service their customers thrived during these times of physical disruption.
Companies whose business was end-to-end digital thrived the most. Their workforce could work from home and deliver services.
If you look around you, you will note that digital companies and the financial services industry that relied on digital means to provide customer services have generally done well.
Connected retailers like Amazon, for instance, have weathered the disruption better than pure-play physical retailers. Amazon is a connected business strategy, and it has continued to perform well during these times.
Food delivery companies with partially connected business strategies were able to come out quickly. Their supply chains were generally local and hyperlocal, and as soon as movement restrictions eased, they were able to bounce back.
The worst performers were manufacturing companies and hospitality companies. These had only peripherally connected business strategies. Physical disruption impacted them the most.
The pandemic is a great opportunity for businesses to look at their business strategies and models to weather the next disruption better.


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