Young people are not a monolith with a uniform set of preferences, likes, and dislikes. The only thing similar to this market segment is that they are more comfortable with digital tools.
Marketing is not just about the use of tools. A customer’s comfort with the mobile device will not mean you can market anything to that individual via that tool. Marketing fundamentals are as relevant when targeting the youth as any other demographic segment.
If you have to target this market segment successfully, look at the product or service you are planning to market. How different is this product in comparison to its competitors? How is the product priced? What are its features and benefits that will accrue to the customer? Is the product climate-friendly? Look at the social and governance practices of the company producing that product.
Once the product has been comprehensively understood, the target market’s geographic location comes into play. Product profile messaging should be geography and culturally specific.
I would like you to look at the targeted customer’s attitudes, likes, and preferences and create the marketing message appropriate to that segment.
Often marketing experts forget the importance of the ability to pay and the willingness to pay of the market segment. Like any other market segment, the youth is also subject to these fundamentals.
Marketing is not just about campaigns and social media posts. Do not assume that a great Instagram reel and a catchy message will persuade the youth to buy your product. Never underestimate your customer. It is important to show respect and do your homework before designing your marketing campaign.
Successful marketing is a close and integrated play between strategy, business model, and messaging.


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