People who follow their passion, and those who do not chase money, make the most money. Take a look at the biggest and most successful entrepreneurs around you, and you will find passionate people dedicated to their dream.
Bill Gates loved coding and created the world’s biggest software product company. Sam Walton loved retail and what do we have- the world’s pre-eminent retail enterprise.
Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is another example. I can go on and on.
None of these individuals chased money. They chased a passion. They had the grit and determination to overcome challenges as they went about creating these iconic brands.
They gave everything they had to the vision that they sought to follow. All of them were highly confident individuals. They were confident in their abilities. I could not find any streak of dishonesty or desire to resort to trickery.
Take Steve Jobs as another example. Was he a super engineer or a design engineer? No, there were many brilliant individuals in Apple. Jobs had a knack for hiring only the best. He drove them with his passion.

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