Any Corporation, Startup, and business performance is an interplay between people, processes, and technology. These need to be periodically harmonized and updated in the light of changes to the business environment.

Our business plans will help optimize and transform business operations to improve both the bottom and top lines of a corporation.

Our key offering is:

Business planning: The sub-components of our business plans are:

  • Aligning Corporation business strategies to its vision, mission, business strategies, and business objectives
  • Analyzing the market opportunity
  • Enunciating value Proposition & Offerings
  • Defining business strategy
  • Restructuring the organization structure to the defined business strategy
  • Providing sales Projections & Operational Parameters

Business Plans are useful tools for the following entities:

Startups – They use business plans to make a pitch to investors

Small companies – They use them for securing debt and equity.

Mid-sized and large companies: Business Plans are used routinely in these companies as business analysis tools, business performance monitoring, and business transformation.

Business planning tools are deployed to turnaround struggling corporations.

Our plans are customized to meet the needs of all business segments.

Our Approach to business planning:

Business planning is client participative, collaborative exercises between clients and consultants. These are best evolved in a consensual atmosphere. We use business analysis and planning templates that have been field-tested during our one and half decade business consulting experience.

Our experience informs us that such plans are effective in serving client needs.



You have the choice between the following types of business plans:

  1. Standard
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

We use UPWORK to offer a transparent and secure ordering system. 

The order link is:

Business Plans


Annual business plans for a Global Business Unit in a Fortune 500 company. The plans were used to analyze the prevailing business environment, re-align the business unit, provide sales and delivery targets for strategic business units contained in this business entity. (Client Confidential)

Company turnaround business plan: This was a small under $5 million company. It had a hugely stressed balance sheet and was finding it difficult to meet its day-to-day requirements. A restructuring package and a business plan were developed. (Client confidential)

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