Evolving Marketing Landscape

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Anatomy of a startup – case study of Easteregg

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Digital Marketing – A company transformation approach

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Obesity App

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I understand that many, not few, genes associated with human metabolism (or more correctly human metabolism pathways), have been identified. I am aware of the genes associated with inborn errors of metabolism, but I am intridgued by the comment about a link between “gene data” and “nutrition” as well as “fitness”. Are you able to shed any more light on this? I note you say you can not comment on the robustness of Gene Box algorithm.”
– Dr Sam Samaratunga

Peeking inside a startup – Case study of a uniquely Indian business

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3 D Bio-printing

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Nutrigenomics – the next generation nutraceuticals

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Internet of Artists

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Natural Products Industry Partnering with Drug Companies

“Enjoyed the article. Question…. how does one go about partnering with a drug company?”
Stella Washington, Joint Owner 611 Botanicals, LLC, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Author’s response:
I would start by going to one of the natural products industry events and having a cup of coffee with the rare pharmaceutical company visitor there. I am told Bayer is often attending these events. This means they are looking for something in the natural products space. It is going to be a long haul. There is a lack of trust on both sides and both parties will have to go through an extensive courtship to find common ground. All the best!

3-D Bioprinted Human Tissue Applications for Natural Products Industry

Also, from my understanding, in comparison to traditional pharmaceuticals, the strict policies on side effects, when it comes to putting natural products through clinical trials, can be stifling to the natural products market … Therefore, the application of 3-D bioprinted human tissue could have profound effects for the natural products industry!
– Ashley James, MSLaboratory Consultant, Thought Leader, Connector, Communicator, Innovator

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