Researchers have identified 45 herbs used in Ayurveda to heal cancer. Some of these herbs, like Vinca rosea, are now in use in modern medicine. Vincristine is a chemotherapy medicine. Its origin is from Vinca rosea.
Then there are other herbs like Curcuma longa, common name turmeric, that has been extensively studied. The turmeric molecule – curcumin – is undergoing clinical trials and could join the long list of modern medicines of plant origin.
Other herbs are under research. Some of the 45 herbs have been found to have proven potential as anti-cancer agents. Others are ineffective.
Ayurveda works on the principle of a synergistic effect of herbal and mineral combinations. How this synergistic action takes place has not been adequately studied by Ayurveda scientists. Until this happens, Ayurveda formulations are unlikely to get approval from regulators across the world.

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