Many people are looking for a silver bullet to reduce weight with the least effort quickly. Losing weight by walking is one such silver bullet.
Losing weight is best achieved when we proceed systematically. Let me chart for you some of the key points:
It involves recording an individual’s past efforts to achieve weight loss, exercise and eating habits, eating patterns, family and personal medical history, stress levels, and possible causes for stress – work-related, family, and others.
BMI, body composition, waist measurements, and waist-hip ratio provide useful data to estimate obesity.
If there are no clinical recommendations, then in both cases, we move to the next stage of a weight loss process.
The next step is diet planning. An expert best does it. The expert will help you fix short-term and long-term goals and help put a self-monitoring mechanism in place. Behavior and motivation are critical to achieving weight-loss goals and require integration into a weight loss regime.
Weight loss requires a lot of hard work and dedication. But it is certainly doable if done the right way. It requires comprehensive handling. Don’t run after a silver bullet.

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