Diabetes mellitus, also known as Type 2 disease, manifests itself when insulin produced in the body cannot adequately metabolize the sugar in the blood, causing blood sugar levels to spike.
Another reason is that the conversion process itself has become retarded. The cells of the body have become resistant to the available insulin. As a consequence, blood sugar levels rise. The medical name for such a condition is insulin resistance.
Conventional treatment of diabetes broadly speaking is composed of:
1. Diet modification
2. Exercise
3. Medication
My research on natural solutions for diabetes informs me that low fat, high fiber plant-based diet, no dairy, and regular exercise with medication keep the disease under control.
While there have been books written on the complete reversal of diabetes with diet and lifestyle modification, I am not convinced that the underlying cause of diabetes is reversed with diet modification and exercise alone.
I will keep a hawk’s eye check on blood sugar levels and manage the disease as efficiently as possible. Your best friend is the diabetologist, dietician, and yourself. Normal life is possible under the guidance of these three individuals.


Natural Solutions for Diabetes

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