Modern medicine treatments of cancer are focused on chemotherapy, immunotherapy, gene manipulation (emerging technology area), and surgery.
Natural solutions of cancer like herbal medicine, psychotherapeutic supportive interventions like yoga, meditation, and psychotherapeutic counseling are common supporting treatments. The role of psychotherapeutic counseling is gaining prominence as our understanding of the causes of cancer is being better understood. Cancer is now classified, by many scientists as a lifestyle disease. It is being bracketed with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.
During the course of my research on natural solutions to various diseases like cancer, diabetes, and obesity I am coming to the understanding that partial reversal of some of these ailments especially diabetes and obesity is possible through a combination of diet therapy, lifestyle manipulation with exercise and meditation and herbal combinations does occur.
There is an increasing body of scientific evidence in support of this contention. Natural solutions, lifestyle manipulation, psychotherapy, diet therapy, herbal medicine all are getting mainstreamed in cancer treatment. Has this mainstream occurred across the globe? The answer to this question is no – it is work in progress and science has many miles to go before this is finally achieved.
Be that is it may, today all these interventions still play a complementary role. Cancer treatment continues to be led by surgery, chemotherapy, and medication. In the future, I suspect complementary solutions of today will in time gain in dominance. These will be integrated with genetic and epigentic manipulations. Chemotherapy and surgery the two mainstream therapies of today will fade away in the sunset.
This is a complex subject and I have tried to answer it in simple terms. Here is a shortlist of additional material for those who want to look at this subject in greater depth.
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Each of these book titles has hundreds of references in Bibliographies appended at the end.

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