Diabetes manifests itself when insulin produced in the body cannot adequately metabolize the blood’s sugar, causing blood sugar levels to spike. Another reason is that the conversion of blood sugar into the energy process itself has become retarded. The cells of the body have become resistant to the available insulin. As a consequence, blood sugar levels rise. The medical name for such a condition is insulin resistance.

Multiple risk factors like overweight or obesity, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, high blood pressure, enhanced cholesterol levels, smoking, gene dysfunction can cause diabetes. Racial factors also have been found to strengthen risk. (Feskens et al., 1989; Choi et al., 2001; Salman. I et al., 2013; Knowler et al.,1990)

Diabetes, in most cases, is a lifestyle disease. A healthy lifestyle, physical activity, and dietary goals that seek to bring down calorie intake can help improve diabetes risk.

Conventional treatment of diabetes broadly speaking is composed of:

1. Diet modification

2. Exercise

3. Medication

Diabetes, if untreated, can lead to heart-related diseases, impact the eyes, impair mobility by affecting the feet. On the other hand, this condition can be managed with discipline in eating, exercise, and regular medication.

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