Ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinale) has been used for centuries to treat dementia in South Asia. Scientific evidence of this medicinal property is still in the preliminary stage, and none of them have gone to a clinical trial stage. Until that occurs, the scientific studies that I summarize below should not be taken as conclusive evidence of this medicinal property.

Dried ginger is beneficial in cases of dementia, and this may extend to Alzheimer’s disease. (Ghayur, M.N. et al., 2010) 6-shogoal, an active molecule found in ginger, has been seen to play a role in reducing memory impairment in animal trials. (Moon, m., et al., 2014)

The spice is a common home remedy in many parts of Asia and other parts of the world. As studies on plants’ medicinal properties continue, we are uncovering scientific support for these wonderful plants.

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