As we begin to understand the key causes of disease, it is becoming clear that there is a strong linkage between the mind and good health. Based on my research on natural solutions, I believe training the mind to enable us to stay calm and composed will go a long way in preventing many of the major diseases. The top killers in the world of today are cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. All are now classified as lifestyle diseases.

Mind training is achieved with the help of meditation. Let me present some scientific studies that support the role of meditation in diabetes and cancer patients. While the studies summarized below are specific to these two diseases, the thrust of meditation lies in stress reduction and disease prevention.

A one-month practice of meditation on people with diabetes shows a reduction in HbA1c (glycosylated hemoglobin) values and arterial pressure of individuals. All major psychological parameters like depression, anxiety, and general psychological distress decreased by 43%, 37%, and 35%, respectively. (Rosenzweig, S. et al., 2007; Whitebird, R.R., et al., 2009)

Sixty adult patients who had an HbA1c value between 6.0 and 8.0 were subjected to an Ayurvedic diet, meditation training instruction, and given an Ayurvedic herb supplement. HbA1c values in these patients dropped. (Elder, C. et al., 2006)

There have been reviews of studies investigating the impact of meditation on cancer patients. The reviews showed consistent benefits in improved psychological functioning, reduced stress symptoms, enhanced feeling of well-being (Ott et al., 2006). A meaningful change was observed in cancer patients given meditation sessions (Foley et al., 2010).

Another randomized controlled trial to study the impact of a transcendental meditation program on stage II to stage IV breast cancer patients showed significant improvements in overall quality of life and reduced stress (Nidich et al., 2009). Suppressive effects on tumor progression were observed on prostate cancer patients who practiced Buddhist Zen meditation (Yu et al., 2003).

Young breast cancer patients subjected to meditation sessions showed reduced stress and lowered depression and inflammatory activity levels. These patients were subjected to a 6-week meditation program (Bower et al., 2015).

Will disease completely go away by practicing meditation, I do not know, but it sure will help. You will feel good about yourself and will be able to handle the challenges of life better.


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