Gymnema sylvestre – medicinal properties

The common name of Gymnema sylvestre is the Australian cow plant. In Ayurveda, the plant is referred to as gurmar.

The leaves of the plant are bitter and are also called by the name ‘sugar destroyer’ in India and China. The plant is mentioned for the treatment of diabetes in Ayurveda, African, and Traditional Chinese Medicine systems.

Beta cells in the pancreas produce insulin. Gymnema sylvestre extracts help in the repair and regeneration of beta cells. Insulin levels in the serum of studied patients rose. (Baskaran K et al., 1999; (Shanmugasundaram, E et al., 1990)

Obesity is often a co-condition in diabetic patients. A tea made from the plant helped in containing obesity. This Gymnema tea contains organic acids called gymnemic acids. Obesity reduction, gymnemic acids, and diabetes appear to be linked. (Kanetkar P et al., 2007)

Gymnema sylvestre medicinal properties also include the ability of the plant extract to lower cholesterol. The study notes a positive impact on the metabolism of experimental rats. (Preuss, H.G et al., 1998). A safe and effective weight loss formula contains optimal doses of hydroxycitric acid, niacin-bound chromium, and Gymnema sylvestre extract. The recipe was safe and effective. This formula also helped promote a build-up of healthy blood lipid levels. (Preuss H.G., et al., 2004).

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