A lot has been written on cancer’s causes and how one can prevent cancer. These range from pollution, smoking, lifestyle, foods, genetic factors, and other stimuli that trigger sustained irritation and are said to trigger cancer. Tons of research material in support of these causes are available in the literature.

Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants are known to build immunity and are claimed to protect the body from cancer. There is an entire body of scientific studies in support of these properties.

New studies indicate that the causes of cancer lie in mind. Stress is believed to trigger cancer genes to cause cells to proliferate, triggering cancer. I recently reviewed a book – Carcinogenic Mind, written by a European oncologist who has presented extensive scientific support for this theory. He further claims that the psychotherapeutic approach to cancer healing goes a long way in cancer cure.

During my research, while writing my book – Natural Solutions for Cancer – unique cancer healing solutions from nature, I learned that yoga, meditation, and similar Chinese and Tibetan practices help alleviate cancer trauma and cure this disease.

Probably the riddle to preventing cancer lies in leading a less stressful life, eating a plant-based diet, and using the psychotherapeutic benefits of lifestyle management principles mentioned in yoga, meditation, and related systems in other parts of the world.

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