Obesity is listed as one of the major risk factors for Type 2 diabetes. Obesity is a complex disease. While in most cases it is related to lifestyle but other factors can trigger obesity. These include hormonal disbalances, stress, genetic causes, etc.
Three factors are externally responsible for obesity and obesity control. These are:
Nutrition: Certain foods, such as refined carbohydrates and unsaturated fats, contribute the most to obesity
Medicine: Certain prescription medicine, including anti-depressants, steroids, contraceptives, medications for diabetes, hypertension, migraines, seizures, bipolar disorder, allergies, insomnia, and a host of others, are associated with weight gain.
Sleep: Disrupted sleep or sleep less than 7 hours or more than 9 hours can lead to obesity. Difficulty in breathing can also be a reason for disturbed sleep.
Diet and exercise are some of the popular means to achieve weight loss:
A vegan diet is helpful in both reducing blood sugar as well as achieving weight loss. Multiple other popular options include intermittent fasting, Atkins diet, Paleo diet, and others. Still, my obesity and diabetes research does not support other dietary options for diabetes and weight gain.
The choice of exercise type, including tai chi, qi gong, yoga, walking, gym routines, and swimming, is also available. Still, the proper exercise for an individual depends on the physical condition of that person.
I would recommend consulting a diet and exercise expert with these generic remarks before trying any of these options. In the meanwhile, a switch to yoga and a vegan diet should help.

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