Mind-body therapies that help alleviate stress and reverse the progression of a range of diseases are an area of increasing scientific interest. Clinical trials have been conducted on patients suffering from trauma.
Trauma desensitization, hypnotherapy, and psychodynamic therapy were tested for their effectiveness. The results indicated that treated cases were significantly lower in trauma-related symptoms than the control group. (Brom, D., et al, 1989)
Brief Eclectic Psychotherapy (BEP) is a manualized psychotherapy that has been tried on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) individuals and found to show positive results. (Lindauer, R. J., et al., 2005)
Experts have extensively tried Trauma-focused therapies with good results. (Lee, D. J., et al., 2016)
Yoga, meditation, tai chi, and qi gong have positively affected patients with post-trauma stress. These therapies are now regularly deployed in patients who have cancer.
This is a highly specialized subject, and it is best to consult a psychotherapeutic expert who can put you on an appropriate psychotherapeutic regime. Taking early help will help stop the progression of these conditions. Most individuals either ignore these conditions or try and google answers. The sense that I get is that it is best to take expert advice.

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