Metabolic processes and functions are controlled and impacted by the mind. Stress causes distress and affects the smooth functioning of the mind and body.

Last year I reviewed a book on the healing impact on psychotherapy cancer patients. The author, a European oncologist, presented a very detailed, fact-supported, and well-argued case of how he used psychotherapy to help his cancer patients.
My research on natural solutions for cancer, obesity, and diabetes also supports stress alleviation techniques to aid the healing process. Indeed yoga and meditation have now been mainstreamed in many cancer hospitals. Patients are now regularly put through yoga and meditation sessions post-chemotherapy.
Let me share a few scientific studies that support the healing role of yoga and meditation.
There have been reviews of studies investigating the impact of meditation on cancer patients. The assessments showed consistent benefits in improved psychological functioning, reduction in stress symptoms, enhanced feeling of well-being (Ott et al., 2006). A meaningful change was observed in cancer patients given meditation sessions (Foley et al., 2010).
Another randomized controlled trial to study the impact of a transcendental meditation program on stage II to stage IV breast cancer patients showed significant improvements in overall quality of life and reduced stress (Nidich et al., 2009). Suppressive effects on tumor progression were observed on prostate cancer patients who practiced Buddhist Zen meditation (Yu et al., 2003).
The role of de-stressing programs like yoga and meditation has also been studied on patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.
I hope this helps.

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